Purple Sweet Potato Recipe

Purple Sweet Potato Recipe. Generally, sweet potatoes and yams have a lower glycemic index rating (gi) than white, russet, and red potatoes. However you can use it in all the same ways you use.

Stokes PurpleĀ® sweet potato pie recipe ~ ItsYummi.com
Stokes Purple® sweet potato pie recipe ~ ItsYummi.com from www.itsyummi.com
I ended up with a delicious butternut squash/ brussel sprout recipe that my brother scored from pinterest (will post here soon, cuz' it's bomb)… but if came across this little combo sooner. While i was writing this article, i actually got a little sad realizing i only had two recipes using the unicorn of tubers, the purple sweet potato. 73 homemade recipes for purple sweet potatoes from the biggest global cooking community!

If you love sweet potato, this is for you.

Stokes purple sweet potatoes nutrition facts. The recipe for these purple sweet potato pie bars comes from naturally, delicious desserts! These roasted purple sweet potatoes for the perfect side dish in just 30 minutes! If you are in los angeles, you can find this purple sweet potato at your local whole foods.