What Is Modified Food Starch

What Is Modified Food Starch. Starch is a white, odorless complex carbohydrates that serves as primary means of energy storage for plants. Modified food starch is complex carbohydrate that has had one or more of its components altered physically, chemically, or enzymatically (using enzymes).

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When we talk about starches in reference to food, we usually have a couple of different meanings in mind. In that case we just mean that the food contains a lot of starch. Pure corn starch is not particularly stable at high temperatures and tends to break down with acidity or time.

Because many starches may contain gluten or have been contaminated with gluten, be on the look out for this ingredient in many of the foods sold today if you are eliminating gluten from your diet.

25 and manufacturers add maltodextrin to these foods for similar purposes—to boost flavor, thickness or shelf life. There are several different base foods that can be used to produce food starch, including corn (usually labeled as modified corn starch), potatoes, tapioca, and wheat. Altering the composition of food starch gives it a more desirable texture, helps it hold up well against heat and acidic environments, and helps it dissolve faster. These chemical changes make it more water soluble and more stable at high temperatures.